Thursday, April 23, 2009

Star Trek is coming. You need to wear these tees...

I'm all aflutter with the thought of a new Star Trek... well, actually an old one. And it looks like an absolute pearler! Perhaps it's timely to hock my Star Trek inspired cottony wares ...

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New tshirt: The 3 Cacmigos

These 3 little flying cactus cherubs serenade Cornzilla in my 29 seconds of nonsense for the Doritos ad comp. (please vote if you get a chance …. link then hit “view & vote” then search for “monster”)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Latest CGS Articles

The latest lot of wordy gems involve two geniuses, monsters tackling aliens and a first person smash 'em in the gob game...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Animation of serenading cacti and giant killer corn

A little while ago I conjured up Ukulele-playing, flying cactus cherub takes to the skies, which was an updated version of my little guys in Lucha Libre...

Because of a little downtime at work -thanks to the economic boogeyman scaring away all the jobs - I decided to try and animate the little green dude in Flash.

At first, I got him plucking a riff from his ukukele and then got him flapping his wings furiously. This produced a giggle from both me and my beloved, so I decided to get a little bit more adventurous... that's when an ad for Doritos (> view & vote > search for "monster) came on.

The triangular snack food company has a competition for people to create a TV ad, so, rising to the challenge, after a full day of animating experience, I decided to do a 29 second TV commercial. (> view & vote > search for "monster") If you get a chance, please vote for my ad by following this link, hitting View & vote and searching for "monster".

The first, and main horror, was to not only get my little guy flapping about whilst playing guitar, but to lip synch him ... in Spanish.

Unfortuantely my Spanish only extends to asking for beer and where the toilet is. However, after much keyframe shifting and cussing, I got him serenading quite nicely - and managed to hide his mouth, a-la Austin Powers' style, for half the ad.

I had to add a trumpet guy, so I created Prick, the trumpet -playing, flying cactus cherub. And there was a clap-break at the end, so I'm proud to introduce Clappy the clapping, flying ca ... you get the idea.

Then came Cornzilla - the devourer of tasty flavours, who basically eats all the other characters except for our flying friends.

Below are all my little guys in all their static glory.

Please vote for my ad... here. You could win prizes too!

Hurty, Clappy and Prick

Lil' Corn, Sweet Sweet Chilli, Cheesey Magoo, La Mescaline, MC Cheesey Cheese