Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sticker: Li'l Misfit On Board

OMG, I’m becoming one of those parents, you know the ones, the ones with “Baby on board” stickers on their cars. Maybe you are one of those parents. well, word up, brothers and sisters, so is Biggie… with a mild twist.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

20% big fat discount on all big fat tshirts

20% big fat discount on all big fat tshirts

20% discount + 100% coolness = 120% of awecoolsomeness!
We at the Big Fat love you so much that we created a new word, just for you: awecoolsomeness!

Now you can impress all your friends with this swell new adjective. Imagine how tingly in the pants they will be when you bellow “That math lesson was awecoolsomeness!”, or how chuffed your mom will be, when you chirp, “Mom, that slightly burned meatloaf was so awecoolsomeness, I will do the dishes, and pick up puppy’s poo!”

Our love and gift-giving does not end with a mere neologism! In fact, we love you eternally. This is not the kind of love that lasts until a week after Christmas, and is then sent to the Lost Love Home, with the other smelly discarded loves. This eternal love will last… well,  eternally. To prove it we are giving you 20 big fat percent off our cotton thsirt finery at our good friends at Red Bubble.

Unlike our eternal love, the discount will end on the dawn of 2011, and will be sent to the Lost Discount Home, where we are hoping it will be adopted by young, professional couple. 

Don’t forget kids, Big Fat Robot only has 2 settings: pleasurin’ and destroyin’ (all humans). I recommend we nurture the former.