Wednesday, July 24, 2013

3d cartoon car WIP

A little 3d-ey personal project WIP. My mid-life crisis in more affordable form...

Poker Kingdoms in 3D

Just for fun, I whipped up a King and Jack version of the Poker Kingdom characters in 3D ...

Poker Kingdoms Character Concepts

Some early concepts of the characters...

Poker Kingdoms UI mockups

Time to reveal some mock-ups of the way the game is shaping up...

Still lots of tweaks, but it's coming together quite nicely.

New character for the Poker Kingdoms game...

The Joker (George Burns... maybe a touch obtuse for the Gen Y folks, but tickled my funny bone)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Logo and site: Poker Kingdoms

Time to reveal Moosebot's first game... Poker Kingdoms. It's still in very early Beta. 

Here is the logo and the web page background that I've been working on ...

Monday, July 1, 2013

Logos: Studio Bento

I'm doing a new web site, and thought I'd do a new logo as an added bonus. Alas, they wanted to keep their old one. I kind of like my update - oh well, thems the breaks:)

Logos: Moosebot

In the spare 25 seconds I have each week, I'm making pretty pictures for a game which will soon invade your computational devices. Here's the logo I whipped up. I'm working with an incredibly talented friend of mine, whom haz skillz what killz- he's the Moose in the Moosebot.