Thursday, February 11, 2010

Itty Bitty Ditties - Teaser 'Bladder'

Oh joy of joys, an animated song that purports that love does not originate in the heart, but in the bladder, something I've always suspected.

This bladder-ladened teaser is from Itty Bitty Ditties - a 10-part TV series from PRA (the fine folk that conjured the wonderful Nick Cave-narrated Cat Piano) featuring Brian the Budgie and his reliable Hog named Ernst as they travel far and wide singing nonsensical songs about frivolous subjects in harmony with their musical cohorts.

It will be airing on the new children’s channel, ABC3, at the ungodly (and oddly precise) hour of 6.53am. So I may have to get the DVD.

It also features lyrics by Tom Bettany of The Beards, my favourite hirsute band from Adders.

Friday, February 5, 2010

ConfusedUs Says: ep. 1 Lip synching foolery

Just a little lip synching test...

Maybe not as polished and rivetting as my former post, but from an ugly seed an agreeable shrub may bloom.

Great animation

Stumbled upon the Last of the Dashkin by Adam Phillips. A beautifully told and executed story of a lonely, yet tyrannical beast on a forest planet. Done in Flash, it's a must-see.

Putting some nerd cool on my noggin

I took the plunge and ordered some Shuron Sidewinders spectacle frames from the interwebs the other day. I couldn't resist when my partner found, who have a section for people with "Huge Noggins: XL frames for men with big brain boxes". Not sure about the brain bit, but the box is huge!

My head is Bert Newtonian in girth. So, I need a little more moulded plastic than most.

The rest of my body is in proportion, but I suspect that is because it is needed to support the superstructure of my head.

Yet to receive them, but hopefully soon a little bit of 50s nerdery will be sitting pretty on my noggin.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New tshirt: Zombie like guitar

When not eating braiiins, our undead friends like to unwind with bit of Guitar Hero...

A character for an animation I'm working on.