Friday, April 20, 2007

Angsty poetry #3: Hot steamy luuuuurve baby

Tequila, boot scootin' and a balmy night in Arizona equals ...

Hot steamy luuuuuuurve baby

I saw you from a distance
You were wearing white and red
So I turned and wondered
Why can’t that lady be in my bed?

And when I got closer
And I saw that you were actually a man
I thought – “Hey what the gosh darn heck,
I’m going do whatever I can.”

So, I moseyed closer
And said whatever came to my mind
You said that you were a cattle rustler
It was then that I knew, baby, you had to be mine

We danced the hokey pokey
Oh boy did we pash
We didn’t even care about our stubbles
Giving us both a nasty facial rash

And when the party was over
And we were sharing our last cigarette
I realised I was in luurve baby
With a man that goes by name Yvette

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