Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Prints by Brian Taylor and Kathie Olivias

I'm approaching that horribly grown-up day ... when I hand over ownership of my soul and life-long earning potential to the horned demon that is Beelze-bank, for a small hovel situated somewhere inconvenient.

Consequently, I've decided to treat myself, before my art buying funds dwindle forever, with some signed limited edition prints that are good enough to eat!

Here are a couple ...
Candykiller by Brian Taylor
Candykiller Coney by Brian Taylor

Squid Baby by Kathie Olivias

1 comment:

tambatoys said...

Oh they are to die for Mike, so getting a mortgage.... don't to do !!! just kidding it's not so bad except for the pressure and feeling TRAPPED LOL
I spend all my money I earn from my art buying other peoples art :)