Thursday, October 25, 2007

Latest tiny vinyl masterpieces

I carefully unwrapped a few "blind assortment" gems from my chums at Kid Robot recently.
The first little piggy is this golden beauty, "Have a nice day" Smorkin Labbit (Series 3) hewn from the genius that is Frank Kozik. These labbits are multiplying like, well..., labbits, and I intend to get into the action! (the buying of labbits, not the breeding)

The next toy is the soaringly good, and avian-inspired, Dunny (Series 4) from Joe Ledbetter. These dunnies should not be mistaken for the Australian slang for toilet; they are actually a collection of vinyl masterpieces designed by some of the best artists sloshing about at the moment.

I liked it so much, I ordered another 3 Dunnies straight away (knowing my luck, the blindly chosen morsels will all be exactly the same ... ebay, here I come.)
Finally there was a beautifully moulded creation from the Scary Girl - City Folk series by Australia’s own Nathan Jurevicius. I got "The Poet", a regular ath the Yellow Onion Bar, shes' a ponderer of life's numerous unanswered questions.


tambatoys said...

oooh love all these I am willing to marry for dunny xx

BigFatRobot said...

I think I will except those terms Miss T xxxx