Friday, January 25, 2008

Lowbrow art for my light brown walls

My latest wall adornment is this drool-worthy limited edition (94 of 100) and signed print Madeleine (originally ink and watercolour on paper) from one of my favourite artists, Angelique Houtkamp. She is a Dutch tattoo artist, painter and shoe designer extrodinairre who conjures to life her own nostalgic take on old school tattoos, sultry pin-ups, broken hearts, swallows, sailing ships, mermaids, spunky cowgirls, and boxers.

I also added to my Tiki collection with these little fellows from Doug Horne.

Thanks to the lovely folk at Outré Gallery for bringing to Oz such a visual feast in fairly reasonably priced packages.

Here's my own take on the whole Tiki thing ... yes, it does look like a rather angry penis.

1 comment:

tambatoys said...

what a gorgeous print, I hope I have something so beautiful adorn my walls one day!! Awesome tiki's too, yes your's looks a little angry lol