Thursday, March 20, 2008

CGS Newsletter - 20 March 2008

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Here at CGS HQ we were saddened to hear about the death of the Sci-fi Guru Arthur C. Clarke, aged 90. The worlds he created within his books were partly the reason for me getting into this crazy industry of ours. Our heartfelt sympathies go to those who were close to him.

On the subject of Sci-fi, it’s time to sharpen your pixels, and limber up your polys for (drum roll...) CGChallenge XXII! Our latest worldwide digital art/video competition is called Uplift Universe: Alien Relations. Based on the award winning epics by David Brin, it challenges entrants to not only create awesome aliens but also show them interacting with humans. Whether they are loving, fighting or even serving fries to humans, submit your work to get amongst the $100,000 plus prizes!

While contemplating your alien masterpiece you should wander through our mini-challenges. At the Daily Sketch Forum they are crazy like an Onut. Onut? Apparently they are little critters that need your texture maps to come to life. Join the Onuttery here

Over at the FXWars forum, community members are virtually blowing up our fragile blue planet in the EARTH GO BOOM challenge. Check out the various ways that we are doomed. Meanwhile our lighting wizards are bringing to life a great model of a train. All aboard!

Green eggs and elephants
I grew up with Dr Seuss rhymes tickling my ear drums and thinking that green eggs were the perfect complement to ham. So, I was over the moon when I heard that one of my favorite characters, Horton the elephant, is now the subject of a big budget 3D extravaganza: Horton Hears a Who. CGSociety talked to the crew at Blue Sky Studios, who breathed life into these classic characters.
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Movie Focus: 10,000 BC
Although this is not the most historically accurate of films, you can’t deny that it is mammoth! CGSociety goes behind the scenes of this VFX feast to give you the lowdown on everything from previz to post production. Find out how they made humans battle sabre-tooth tigers while doing a little DIY on the local pyramids..
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CGWorkshop: Character Animation
K, you’ve got your Pixar-like man, maiden or monster all modeled up and ready to rock. Where to now? Join Michele Bousquet CGWorkshop to learn the best methods of rigging and animating your masterpiece using Biped. Hurry, registration closes: 28th March 2008
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LAST DAYS: d'artiste special
Only a few days are left to get d’artiste books at heavily reduced prices. (DEADLINE 26TH MARCH) The books are perfect – they just don’t have slip cases, and need to be moved out of our warehouse. This offer is for CGSociety Members only.
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