Saturday, May 10, 2008

New web site ready for your viewing pleasure

I finally found a few free moments to chisel and solder my web site into existence. It's basically a showcase of my tee work, with a splash of portfolio work thrown in.

Goodies to come:

Completion of stage 1: more examples in the Hire Me/portfolio section. A few little paranoid tweaks here and there. And, importantly, improve the SEO.

Stage 2: fully integrate the Blog (at the moment it just sends folk off to my old blog). Thinking this might be a good opportunity to get into Ruby on Rails. Although I haven't had any professional experience with it as yet, I've looked under its bonnet and looks like it might purr like a well-tuned Chevy if I treated it right. Plus, several Ruby addicted friends say that they want to marry it and have its children. With a recommendation like that, you can imagine that I'm looking forward to getting to it better - at least date it a few times and see where it goes from there. Either that, or use Wordpress.

Stage 3: I will turn it into a fully fledged online shopping site.

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