Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Moo business cards are ace

Just received my second lot of Big Fat business cards from the good people at Moo. I've got to say that I'm one impressed chappy. The print quality, the presentation (they come in a handy, and hardy, box made from recylced materials), the paper stock (also recycled) and the rapid delivery all add up to me wanting to give their whole company cuddles.

To think that I was initially disparaging to them, after they beat us at the Webby Awards. To be fair, I did add an addendum praising them almost immediately afterwards (mainly because after swallowing my bile-ish grapes of jealousy, I actually checked the site out and became quite enarmoured by it.)

The only unfortuante thing is, they are based in ol' London town, and I'm based in Australia, whose dollar has plummeted farther than Paris Hilton's under garments on a saturday night. Therefore, it's no longer fiscally feasible for me to partake in their papery prowess. However, I do recommend to my peeps abroad to check them out.

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samedog said...

Moo mini cards are great too, and a point of difference in a world full of normal-sized business cards (plus I've just had some printed up to use as some fine looking gift tags).

Afraid I have to concur about the exchange rate, it's temporarily put a halt to my Moo habit.