Thursday, March 27, 2008

CGS Newsletter - 27 March 2008

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For those who celebrate Easter, I hope you had a joyous one! If you had your fill of chocolate eggs, I suggest a hearty session on Guitar Hero to burn excess calories.

It’s not only about chocolates here at CGS HQ, we are also very fond of monsters. A fine example of 'boogeymanism' can be found in a recent CGChoice Award winnerQueen of Monsters by Epic Games’ Jordan Walker. The artist was kind enough to give us a step-by-step tutorial on his monster making method.

The aliens are coming!
Take a look at the alien invasion happening over at CGChallenge XXII Uplift Universe: Alien Relations.There are already some outstanding entries, like dharmaestudio and BaronImpossible’s to name just two. This worldwide digital art/video competition challenges entrants to not only create awesome aliens but also show them interacting with humans. Join now to get amongst the $100,000 plus prizes!
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EXPOSÉ 6 cover ... uncovered
Just had a sneak preview of EXPOSÉ 6, and all I can say is “WOW!” Every page pops in this beautiful book. Have a look at the cover by one of the community’s favorites, Linda Bergkvist and sign-up to be first to know about the release of the book.
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CGWorkshop: Character Animation
Only a couple of days are left to join Michele Bousquet, as she helps you make your models move. Learn, at your own pace, the best methods of rigging and animating your masterpiece using Biped. Hurry, registration closes: 28th March 2008.
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Elemental 3 deadline
There are literally only hours left to submit your work to Ballistic Publishing’s ELEMENTAL 3. If you use any Autodesk product to create your images, enter them now for a chance to be published. Whether it’s a mountainous matte painting, a photo real portrait, or a swashbuckling space pirate – send art!
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I hope your week is pixel perfect!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

CGS Newsletter - 20 March 2008

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Here at CGS HQ we were saddened to hear about the death of the Sci-fi Guru Arthur C. Clarke, aged 90. The worlds he created within his books were partly the reason for me getting into this crazy industry of ours. Our heartfelt sympathies go to those who were close to him.

On the subject of Sci-fi, it’s time to sharpen your pixels, and limber up your polys for (drum roll...) CGChallenge XXII! Our latest worldwide digital art/video competition is called Uplift Universe: Alien Relations. Based on the award winning epics by David Brin, it challenges entrants to not only create awesome aliens but also show them interacting with humans. Whether they are loving, fighting or even serving fries to humans, submit your work to get amongst the $100,000 plus prizes!

While contemplating your alien masterpiece you should wander through our mini-challenges. At the Daily Sketch Forum they are crazy like an Onut. Onut? Apparently they are little critters that need your texture maps to come to life. Join the Onuttery here

Over at the FXWars forum, community members are virtually blowing up our fragile blue planet in the EARTH GO BOOM challenge. Check out the various ways that we are doomed. Meanwhile our lighting wizards are bringing to life a great model of a train. All aboard!

Green eggs and elephants
I grew up with Dr Seuss rhymes tickling my ear drums and thinking that green eggs were the perfect complement to ham. So, I was over the moon when I heard that one of my favorite characters, Horton the elephant, is now the subject of a big budget 3D extravaganza: Horton Hears a Who. CGSociety talked to the crew at Blue Sky Studios, who breathed life into these classic characters.
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Movie Focus: 10,000 BC
Although this is not the most historically accurate of films, you can’t deny that it is mammoth! CGSociety goes behind the scenes of this VFX feast to give you the lowdown on everything from previz to post production. Find out how they made humans battle sabre-tooth tigers while doing a little DIY on the local pyramids..
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CGWorkshop: Character Animation
K, you’ve got your Pixar-like man, maiden or monster all modeled up and ready to rock. Where to now? Join Michele Bousquet CGWorkshop to learn the best methods of rigging and animating your masterpiece using Biped. Hurry, registration closes: 28th March 2008
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LAST DAYS: d'artiste special
Only a few days are left to get d’artiste books at heavily reduced prices. (DEADLINE 26TH MARCH) The books are perfect – they just don’t have slip cases, and need to be moved out of our warehouse. This offer is for CGSociety Members only.
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Don't procrastinate - pixelate!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New tee: Cherubunny

The latest tee is a bit of a departure from my usual robots and busty babes ... Cherubunny. Afterall, everyone needs a magical, horn-blowing, flying rabbit that has been genetically crossed with a chubby cherub.

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Comics r caanan 2

Here be the aforementioned comic strip by the brilliant caanan ...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Comics r caanan

The very talented caanan is doing me the great honour of immortalising my Zombie Waitress in a comic strip. I've seen the non-coloured version and it is completely ace (so stay tuned and I'll post it as soon as I get my hot little hands on it).

A Q&A session was also part of the deal. Here be the transcript of said session ...

The shirt featured is Zombie Waitress. Why do you think zombies are so cool right now?
They’ve always been cool. Afterall, monsters that my gran can outrun are funnier than a clown drowning in an ocean of cream pies. However, we are now getting those uppity new zombies like the ones from “I Am Legend” – fast zombies with rudimentary smarts, like bogans* rushing to the bar for Happy Hour priced Jim Beam and Cokes.
*For our non Oz chums reading, bogans are Australian rednecks

How much thought goes into your tshirts? Are you just doodling, and going ‘hey, neat!’ or is there more process to it than that?
I’m a mad doodler and note taker. In fact, I constantly carry around a battered note book and scribble down ideas even in the middle of conversations. I’m still working my way through ideas from 10 years ago!

What was your favourite tshirt you’ve ever owned? (Hypercolour? Ha!)
It was a black tshirt with an old illustration of Bettie Page that my drunk, wayward uncle gave me when I was about 13. She was in a classic pin-up pose, and my mum was horrified by it, which, of course made it cooler. It was one of those shirts that literally disintegrated with all the wearing. Prior to that it was a white tshirt with navy blue sleeves, and C3P0 with his metallic hand resting on R2D2’s dustbin head. Inspirations start young, I’m still mashing pinups with Star War characters to this day.

Have you ever found anything amusing that no one else has?
This joke... a duck walks into a chemist and asks for some chapstick. The duck then said put it on my bill.

What stirs your creative juices?
Pop surrealist/ low-brow art from people like Mark Ryden, Audrey Kawasaki, Tara McPherson, Mike Giant, Shepard Fairey, Lori Earley, Tokidoki to name a few. Finding romance and scifi comics from the 50s and 60s. Tattoos – I mean good tattoos with stories, done by artists. My confreres on the Bubble. Walking through big city, graffiti-covered, streets. Reasonably priced domestic red.

If there was one thing you could do to make this world a better place, what would it be?
Excuse my heart jerkiness ... I would create a perfect little family unit. Hopefully that will emanate a little to this kooky world of ours.

What did you want to be when you were five?
A loyal soldier – the kind that would lie on the ground wounded and tell his buddies to leave without him, and he will cover them. Now, I would want them to stay and give me cuddles, because bullets are hurty!

What’s a common design mistake you see that annoys you? If anything.

Not adhering to the simple basics like the Rule of Thirds (it’s not that hard guys, grrr). Plus, the old pop some garish filter over a photo and call it art. You are only impressing your mum!

I see you’re a Trek fan. Looking forward to the new ‘revisioned’ film? ;o)
Anything to see Captain Kirk’s large, arthritic frame bulging in his jump suit. However, apparently he’s not allowed to play in the Federation sandbox anymore. Besides marvelling at Shatner’s growing girth, the Star Trek movies (with the notable exception of Wrath of Khan) were mere watery soups compared to the meaty feast of the TV series. Having said that, I will see it gleefully.

Do yourself a favour and check out caanan's work!!! Awesomely awesome!