Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sneak peak of Hepburn Design mascot

I've had a chance to work on my domain.

I wanted to create a more conservative look but with a slight edge, compared to the illustrative nuttery of

Currently working on the logo and the site (so, not too much to see), but thought I'd pop the mascot up. Yep, it does resemble me quite a bit (when you work at home on your lonesome , the only face you see is yours or Oprah's!) ...

1 comment:

mibus said...

Nice likeness, Mikey!!

* The paintbrush on the can looks out of place
* You have black fingernails?
* The "g" in "Coming" looks too much like a "t"
* The page outside the image is white/unstyled - at least set the bgcolour the same :)
* You rock, man. Just puttin' it out there...