Friday, January 7, 2011

Exciting news und FanBoy vs. ArtBoy

Happy new year to you, my dwindling stalkers.

2011 will proof to be quite the interesting year for this old hack. My sperm, as a complete surprise to me, was not the lifeless dust of a misspent youth, but an oozing, potent brew of fecundancy. Consequently, late February will see the arrival of a bouncing baby boy of my DNA-ing. That's numero uno exciting news.

Numero two-o exciting news is that I'm back painting (Pro Hart must be shaking in his grave). The good folks at Artboy asked me to whip up some canvasy goodness to grace their walls.  "The only requirement for any pieces of work is that it MUST relate to gaming...anything from old school table-top FROGGER through to WORLD OF WARCRAFT." Below is a WIP. A prize for those who guess what games inspired them...

I think they may be inspired by God of War and Guitar Hero... yay, I won the the thing that I won.

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