Sunday, November 3, 2013


So, it must be a completely contented betrothed man living in the country thing, but I'm now totally nuts for this whole gardening craze … which folk have been gas-bagging about for the last few thousand years. 
My late blooming passion is based on the fact that for practically my whole adult life, I've lived in apartments (my place in Tokyo was smaller than the home studio in which I'm typing this bit of bollocks from), and I only ever got to sow bottles of vodka from the local off-license, and propagate steaming hangovers.
But, now I have a big block of fecund soil, I'm totally sold on getting my hands filthy while the rest of me basks in organic glory. And my son, Cash, digs it too… well, being a boy, he loves the digging part of crop creation - unfortunately that’s rapidly followed by the destroying of said crop creation in a Godzilla versus the aforementioned Tokyo kinda way.
Anyhoo, as it is bloody freezing here in BallaFornia today (after a teasing hint of Summer yesterday), and we couldn't create/destroy crops, I decide to whip up these little characters.
I'm popping them in little laminated pockets next to our seedy underworld, and teaching my boy to love our little veggie/fruity/herby brethren… that is until we totally masticate them!

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