Sunday, February 10, 2008

Competition frenzy

I've just submitted a redux of my Bettie Trooper illo to the inked Tshirt competition. Unfortunately the quality of the image, as shown on their site, is so low it makes it look like a pixelly soup. Nonetheless, if you get a chance click on the 5th yellowy star please:)


Alex Earley said...

I came Close to submitting something for that contest, but their choice of format (jpeg or GIF?!) is just stupid, and the previews look so lame. BTW my love for that trooper is indescribable.

~Alex Earley

tambatoys said...

excellent work as per usual !!

BigFatRobot said...

Thanks guys :)

Yeah I agree Alex - the quality of the image is absolute pants! Plus, they said it was 'copyrighted' material so it got removed anyhoo:) They have the nerve to ask me for more submissions too