Saturday, October 4, 2008

696 Opening - hats what I'm talking about

I'm becoming a big fan of a little store on Sydney Rd, Brunswick... 696 is a low commission based, free rental space, shop/indoor-outdoor gallery, which supports local, national and international talent and just cool knick-knackery in general.

Last night I sucked back a few VBs at their latest gig - Get Trucked. Dozens of artists were given a blank trucker cap to customise. All were sold at a flat rate, and proceeds will go to charity.

The small space was bursting with millinery magnificence

An outstanding piece by M2O

Melika. of 696, in all her truckery finery

Pierre Lloga with his hat creation

Tam in front of the hat she bought by Shauno

Tam's buy

Me in front of my new hat by Beastman

The Beastman cap

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