Friday, March 23, 2007

New Ballistic site

After a few weeks of carpal tunnel syndrome inducing toil, I’m slopping on the final coat onto the new Ballistic site.

The reasons behind the redesign...

1. To get concise information in front of the punter, without an ocean of hyperbole. The previous site was a wall of words, which even I couldn’t be bothered reading. When people are in bookshops, all they care about is 1. what the book is about, 2. what's in the book. 3. how much the book costs. We've addressed all of these issues above the fold.

2. We’ve tweaked a lot of things for faster loading, plus we’ve introduced a lot of automatic updating from the database.

3. Everything is modular and easily updatable.

4. A lot of redundant and repeated information has been consolidated or deleted.

Much fanfare must go to my confreres - Tim, Rob and Anton who are all incredibly brilliant and talented and should be praised constantly!

There is a lot more stuff that we’ll be adding over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

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