Friday, March 30, 2007

Angsty poetry#1 – Bubbles

I wrote the following poem a wee while ago, and it was illustrated by, the then unknown, Nathan Jurevicius. I stupidly misplaced said illustration, and am now reduced to trawling through the interweb in a futile search for it.

The poem is all about getting old and cheap Champagne - two subjects that I have substantial experience with.


The bubbles of my champagne
Are fading away
Just like the days of my youth

Its taste is not so fresh on my palate
It is cheap and gaudy

The strawberry is shriveled
Its seeds will never give birth to a tree
The same as my seed
Whose fruitful years are disappearing
Like the aforementioned bubbles

My champagne is flat and warm
I live in a flat
But it is cold
And smells of gas
My champagne also smells of gas
It is not good champagne
I am not a wealthy man

The bubbles are now gone
And so am I

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